We’re Now Running Minecraft 1.1

It’s a development build of CraftBukkit, but everything seems to be running smoothly — no errors at all. I’ll keep an eye on it for bugs, and I’ll update to a newer build every day until a recommended release comes out. Thanks for your patience. This delay has happened every time a new version of Minecraft has come out. It’s the cost of the fancy features we have. So if you didn’t this time, next time make sure to NOT update right away.

Also, there are existing biomes on our worlds that have been updated to properly snow now. So you might get a winter surprise.

Have a nice cubic day!

2 comments on “We’re Now Running Minecraft 1.1

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Yes, this is a permanent change until terrain generation is changed again. It’s likely 1.2 is going to change it (what with jungles being added) but how dramatic this change is going to be is unknown. It could remain a snow biome there even after 1.2.

      There is currently nothing I can do about this. It’s possible Bukkit will add an API for changing biomes, but I haven’t read anything about that.

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