The Stargate plugin developer has moved his support thread to another location and seems to be offering continued support. I did find one possible alternative to the plugin (Wormhole X-Treme [great reference], which I think actually inspired the Stargate plugin), but it doesn’t seem to offer enough advantages to warrant the work of changing all the stargates over. I’ll continue to look at other transportation methods, but I really like this networked gate method and everyone else seems to as well. So, I enabled the creation of Stargates again.

We have the ability to create custom portals that go to any location (rather than to just another stargate) but they’re fixed to that destination. (it’s a Multiverse module, and they look like normal nether portals, just with a sign) Would people be interested using that as well?

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  1. Jaysoncopes

    I was just getting into the Stargates thing… if there was any way possible to keep the Stargates, I would. The sign-portals don’t sound very good, though.

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