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    Hello, MadeleineJane here on behalf of the What settlers (our original and core group of citizens), we’ve had a idea for the server since we first tasted PvP here. The plan goes like this, we wanted a true experience where there is only one goal in a contained environment. The goal to survive, to kill or be killed. And after a month of building (only about 5 days we’re just kinda lazy) we’ve done it, we have an arena. Found next to the giant jungle tree in what you can choose one of our team stargates, (although being in a team is not necessary and back-stabbing is encouraged) and spawn in the arena (It will also be connected to the central network… at some point). The arena is terra-formed to provide hiding places and strategy to the PvP experience. We built it with PvP in mind, find the Easter eggs, find your ideal position, find your sword on your hot bar and right click till you’re the only one left. The arena is built so that you can fight in teams or fight alone, and no predetermined ‘matches’ are required. Good luck, and have fun.


    Side note: This is the last time I build in a PvP enabled region with ZXFEAR. The inability to teleport out while great for PvP, is a nightmare for building (You need to enter and leave via stargates (I prefer the green one for ease of access))

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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