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    I just wrote two new commands to make everyone’s MC life a little easier. The first is for changing the prices on shop signs. You no longer need to break the sign and remake it. Just look at the sign and type:

    /shop buy 8 for 1g

    You can use Buy or Sell and it’ll put the price on the correct line. It checks if your name is on the last line, so people can’t edit someone else’s shop.


    The second command allows you to change the name of a region you own. It only supports alphanumeric and dashes, and it should transfer over all owners, members, flags, and priorities. The command looks something like this:

    /rg rename oldname new-cool-name

    The alias /region works in this case too.


    Since these are new commands, it’s always possible there’s some kind of bug, but I went through every situation I could think of. Let me know if there’s any problems remaining.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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