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    I enjoyed the books and the movie but don’t want to recreate it.

    I am currently thinking about a small team based game. 2-4 players per team, with a specific crafting goal identified. Each teams goal would be unique. The goal can be a new receipe that PK could generously implement. All players have a compass that points to their own base only. If a player is killed then their compass would be showing the opossing team where their base is. A specific item could be stored at each teams base that the other team(s) would need to complete their crafting goal. The item could also be found in the world with a team effort if that is needed/wanted.

    The item stored in the base could be in a locked chest only available to opposing teams. We can get pretty creative with the item. One idea I think would be cool is if the item is held by one player too long it will explode/dissapear. The only way to prevent this would be to give to a team mate. If it explodes it will go back to the chest. I have no idea if that is even possible.

    I also think team skins would be cool. Could keep it simple like orange vs. blue or design team names and skins.

    There could also be rewards for killing enemy players. 5 kills maybe faster mining or better tools/weapons. 10 kills % faster movement speed….

    The games should be quick and fast paced.

    I really don’t know if any of this is possible but wanted to get feedback and ideas from people who have played for more than 3 weeks. Thanks for reading and please post your ideas.


    I’m not sure why you put this in the Hunger Games thread. I moved it to its own thread, if that’s all right.

    I’m liking where you’re going with this. It’s a very minecraft-themed CTF, almost — combining a flag with the crafting. It’s very appropriate. Since I like this idea, I’m going to get into some specifics.


    I’ll start with things I can and can’t do, regardless of whether I think they’re the best way of doing this mode.

    – custom recipe
    – compass pointing
    – team colors using wool as helmets
    – kill streak bonuses
    – preventing a team from accessing a chest
    – causing explosion if player has an item in their inventory for period of time

    – multiple compass targets for a player


    Thanks for moving this to another thread. I was reading your old post about the hunger games and applying that to MC. Had some issues with my internet and wrote my post on trusty ol’ notepad. I pasted it in hunger games for some unknown sleep deprived reason.

    Just throwing out some ideas.

    I think when the match starts all players have a compass. When you kill another player you will get their compass and it will overwrite your own…hope you can find your way back to your base!

    The starting base does not have to be elaborate. It should probably be above ground or the games might go on forever. Maybe a chest at the start with some blocks to build the base and maybe a couple traps.

    Mobs could be fun, I could see leading a creeper to the enemies base for easier access.

    Not sure what the crafted items could be yet, not much expierence with what is possible.

    Looking forward to hearing ideas and seeing what this can become.


    The compass-to-base idea would only work in a randomly generated terrain. Same if the materials are gathered from the world. I’m not sure if this is desirable or not. It’s just as possible to have a large area with predefined structures, each containing a piece of the recipe (or contraption). It would certainly make the game much more replayable instead of event orientated. Not sure which you’re going for.


    I am not familiar with how things work for generating worlds or predefined structures. I was thinking that randomly placed bases on a smaller map would keep the games feeling new each time and fast paced. I think I like what you pointed out better. Larger map with predefined structures for both replayability and strategy with your team.

    Killing each other is just fun! I don’t think that should be the major goal but helps achieve victory.

    I didn’t think about this being like CTF with crafting until you pointed it out it. I was just thinking of ways to make the main part of MC part of a fun mini game. You make it sound way better than it looked in my head :).

    I like the idea of the item exploding if held to long by the same player. I can see different strategies for when to get the item. Either right away and have to deal with remembering when to trade with a teammate or collecting all other materials before going after the last item(flag).

    Could we possibly have a specific area where it has to be constructed? A common area for all teams to have to complete their item. Would probably make some crazy endings! My pvp experience is very limited so thinking of ways to keep the game exciting, but they might prove impossible/impractical when actually playing.

    Sorry this post is all over the place. Typing on my phone and it’s a pain to go back and read over things.


    Update to MC CTF
    I like to call it Regnar
    Task: Build a device using gathered materials and a “key” item from enemies base.

    Condition: On a large, randomly generated map, given a base for each team and team helmets (wool) with no further supplies

    Standard: Using teamwork and strategy each team must infiltrate the opposing teams base and locate the key item and use it in the construction of the given mission while preventing the opposing team from completing their assigned mission

    Two teams (possibly more) of equal size starting at pre-built bases with zero supplies. The base will be based on a TF2 base with the component of the end goal inside. Teams will be identified by the color of wool block they will have on their head. All armor and weapons will be craftable if the materials are found. Hunger should not be an issue and health will not regen. Players will respawn in their base upon death minus any materials they had.

    The end goal is to craft a contraption unique to each side. This will only be possible by obtaining a key component from the chest inside the opposing teams base. This “key” will explode if remaining in the inventory of a single player for to long, teamwork is vital to mission success.

    Players will receive bonuses upon killing multiple enemies. Plan to have a bonus every 5 kills. Hopefully PseudoKnight can come up with some powerful bonuses. Kill every enemy you see and have no mercy.

    Never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy!

    Everyone please let me know what you think. Does this sound like an enjoyable game? Anything you would add?

    PK, is all of this possible and will you step into the arena? 🙂

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