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    SkyCity (Which will be renamed soon) is now opened for people to move in.

    Donators your plots are already set up to go. Just start building.

    If you would like to live in SkyCity post here and I will let you claim your plot. Plots will be claimed in the order of posts without exception. Rules are as follows.

    Do not build down. You can replace the cobble of your plot with whatever you want but do not build down from the plot.
    Do not build anything that connects the city to the ground in any way.
    Unless your plot is on a corner or extended out from the city please allow 1 block around your plot for people to walk around your house and use the bridges.Or you can build an entrance to every bridge and let people pass through your house.

    The plots are all there, and the bank is under construction. The market, and city hall have yet to be started. No one will have bank access until the bank is completely finished. The market and City hall can be accessed and used while under construction.

    The benefits of SkyCity:
    Every citizen gets a room in the bank to store their stuff in. No one can enter the bank but citizen. And no one can enter your room but you.
    Every citizen has priority to sell in the market. Anyone can sell in the market but every citizen has 1 garunteed spot if you want it.
    Everybody has access too our resource area through the SkyCity portal network. It currently has sheep and melons but will get bigger. Please only shear the sheep, do not breed or dye or kill them please.
    Events whenever we feel like it. No clue what we are going to do.
    Access to the library in City Hall
    Access to the furnaces in City Hall
    Access to the herblory in City Hall
    Citizens can place a sign in city hall telling the Mayor (me) any issues or suggestions with the city they have, if I am offline. Otherwise just message me.

    Please message me in game if I am Online or PM me in these forums if you have any concerns or questions.

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