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    Frustrated that you can’t use what you think is an intuitive name for the item you want to sell? Request it here!

    – Spaces and underscores are supported.
    – There is a 13 character limit for the item alias
    – Should use singular case, if you have a choice.

    moss stone: 48
    rose red: ‘351:1’
    cactus green: ‘351:2’
    cocoa beans: ‘351:3’
    lapis lazuli: ‘351:4’
    purple dye: ‘351:5’
    cyan dye: ‘351:6’
    lt gray dye: ‘351:7’
    gray dye: ‘351:8’
    pink dye: ‘351:9’
    lime dye: ‘351:10’
    yellow dye: ‘351:11’
    lt blue dye: ‘351:12’
    magenta dye: ‘351:13’
    orange dye: ‘351:14’
    bone meal: ‘351:15′
    orange wool: ’35:1′
    magenta wool: ’35:2′
    lt blue wool: ’35:3′
    yellow wool: ’35:4′
    lime wool: ’35:5′
    pink wool: ’35:6′
    gray wool: ’35:7′
    lt gray wool: ’35:8′
    cyan wool: ’35:9′
    purple wool: ’35:10′
    blue wool: ’35:11′
    brown wool: ’35:12′
    green wool: ’35:13′
    red wool: ’35:14′
    black wool: ’35:15′
    brownmushroom: 39
    red mushroom: 40
    gunpowder: 289
    pine log: ’17:1′
    birch log: ’17:2’
    pine sapling: ‘6:1’
    birch sapling: ‘6:2’
    charcoal: ‘263:1′
    slimeball: 341
    nether wart: 372
    glass bottle: 374
    glowstonedust: 348
    diamond pick: 278
    iron chest: 307
    speckledmelon: 382
    stonebrick: ’98:0’

    Original material names

    Fallback ID:data values

    We can also customize the text output display of these items. (when you left-click the sign) If something is confusing, I can change it. Just request it here. There is are no limits for this.


    The main one I’ve seen that we could use some aliases for are the potions.

    When you slap the sign they just say potion I believe and usually only the number code will fit on the sign.


    It’d be difficult to fit some of those potions in 13 chars. (Others would be easy.) Take this as an example: Potion of Fire Resistance Extended. Er.. uh… [FireResistExt]? If someone wants to take a stab at it:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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