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    Crazypixie, ChelseasPinky and I would like to ask if u could make it so there is a command that alows a certain player to be able to access your horse and stuff. It would be soooooo useful when you r playing a game or sharing horses with your friend(s).

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    This is already planned. My current idea is to have something like a /share command that would apply to several different features. For example:

    “/share horses sydneef”


    “/share shops ChelseasPinky”

    These would add their name to your profile’s shared section under the specified type. So it’d look up the owner of a horse, then check if that owner is sharing their horses with anyone. If the person clicking the horse is in that list, then it would allow them to interact with the horse like normal.

    I’m not sure about the syntax or limits. I know different people would want to use it for different reasons. I need to consider these possibilities. Some people would want to share everything with a specific person. Others might want to share just one horse. I’d not likely support that. However, I will have a command to give a horse to another player.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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