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    Coder J

    Well, can’t say I wasn’t expecting this… I’ve always had a very low regard for Seagate internal drives (I have yet to have one survive past the 1 1/2 year mark…) and unfortunately my newer Momentus XT drive let me down. It’s even got a funny little stamp on the bottom, “Manufactured: May 2011”. Heh.

    Anyway, this means a few things….
    1) I’ve lost all my videos (the original region tutorial plus part 2).
    2) I’ve lost my RSA keys (believe it or not, this one hurts… I’m locked out of some archives until I can hunt down the backups
    3) I’ve lost anything I’ve worked on and not saved to my home server, which, as machines blindly do…. wiped out the last backup of the drive (it was over 3 months old, so shame on me for not backing up more and for not making a rule to NOT clean up the last remaining backup).

    I’ve got a new drive in the mail right now, but as it stands I’ve lost anything that hasn’t been published yet (plugins, videos, munchin-esque game Tobeytobey got me interested in…). I’ll probably be back online by tonight…. hopefully (I have a spare, smaller, HD I keep handy for this).

    Now to write a very stern letter to Seagate (although I have a feeling they’re going to wiggle out of this via some cruddy legal loophole).


    Well… That sucks. Hopefully it was under some sort of warranty. I’ve yet to have a WD completely bomb on me (knock on wood), you might buy one of those next. 😛 I also need to get better at backing up. Right now I have 0 backups of my computer. D-:

    Coder J

    Funnily enough, my fall back HD is a Western Digital (a smallish Scorpio Black); the replacement ry I ordered is a larger and faster Scorpio Black…. I got the Seasgate Momentus XT because it was supposed to be reliable. I’m getting no where in a hurry with Seagate (“Did you try booting in IDE mode?” “Yes, it goes STOP 0x7B super fast then.” “Have you updated the firmware?” “There isn’t a newer one.” “Put a boat on your head?” “OH COME ON!”) but XoticPC might offer me a credit or something, which would be cool since I’m 2 months out of their warranty.

    Installed Windows and such already, going to image this bad boy before I go back to bed ;).

    The lesson here, kids, is always try to have recent backups.


    The brand usually doesn’t matter so much as the model, according to Google. I’ve been buying Samsung hard drives, oddly enough, and so far they’ve all lasted beyond their 3 year warranties despite decently heavy use.

    My knee jerk is to point at a laptop’s poor cooling, but I doubt that’s valid. Did you see that recent study that showed that laptops on average are actually more reliable than a typical desktop? That doesn’t seem to be my experience. We go through laptops much faster than desktops. But at least desktops are more repairable when something DOES go wrong, so maybe that’s why they last longer as a whole here.

    Anyway, that really sucks. Incidentally I have this backup hard drive that failed to load through USB and I’m scared to test it internally. 🙁 I keep duplicates of most things, but I don’t overbuy hard drive storage, which is probably a mistake. I should really setup a server or something. I’m just always doing things barebones to save money.


    Ouch thats really got to hurt. Personal I got a toss up with Seagate I have had HDs from them that lasted 8 years. That I have kept around as back ups and I have had them die with in 8 months. LOL now I just get what I can find on the cheap and keep lots of back ups just in case. I kinda wish they would bring back the zipdisc drives back though Im doing good with USB drives.

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