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Hello again. I’m pleased to say that the town of what has grown significantly since this topic was created, I’ll begin with a full list of members; currently residing in What we have: G_Oakmen, Plainlazywill, TomCaruth, ZXFEAR, nathanmac998, Ike2b, leiamoosey, EliteTristan, Emithal, Sydneef and myself. Secondly, the ‘What Shop’ in Final City has moved to the taller shop building (which also houses PK’s shop) between the sandstone market and the stone brick market (North East of spawn). Also (and a massive thanks to PK for this), What now has its own mumble channel. Finally I’d like to mention that What new has a PvP arena, but I’ll go over this in greater detail in a new topic.  Thank you very much to everyone on the server, especially admins for letting What grow into a true city. 🙂