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Update to MC CTF
I like to call it Regnar
Task: Build a device using gathered materials and a “key” item from enemies base.

Condition: On a large, randomly generated map, given a base for each team and team helmets (wool) with no further supplies

Standard: Using teamwork and strategy each team must infiltrate the opposing teams base and locate the key item and use it in the construction of the given mission while preventing the opposing team from completing their assigned mission

Two teams (possibly more) of equal size starting at pre-built bases with zero supplies. The base will be based on a TF2 base with the component of the end goal inside. Teams will be identified by the color of wool block they will have on their head. All armor and weapons will be craftable if the materials are found. Hunger should not be an issue and health will not regen. Players will respawn in their base upon death minus any materials they had.

The end goal is to craft a contraption unique to each side. This will only be possible by obtaining a key component from the chest inside the opposing teams base. This “key” will explode if remaining in the inventory of a single player for to long, teamwork is vital to mission success.

Players will receive bonuses upon killing multiple enemies. Plan to have a bonus every 5 kills. Hopefully PseudoKnight can come up with some powerful bonuses. Kill every enemy you see and have no mercy.

Never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy!

Everyone please let me know what you think. Does this sound like an enjoyable game? Anything you would add?

PK, is all of this possible and will you step into the arena? 🙂