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I am not familiar with how things work for generating worlds or predefined structures. I was thinking that randomly placed bases on a smaller map would keep the games feeling new each time and fast paced. I think I like what you pointed out better. Larger map with predefined structures for both replayability and strategy with your team.

Killing each other is just fun! I don’t think that should be the major goal but helps achieve victory.

I didn’t think about this being like CTF with crafting until you pointed it out it. I was just thinking of ways to make the main part of MC part of a fun mini game. You make it sound way better than it looked in my head :).

I like the idea of the item exploding if held to long by the same player. I can see different strategies for when to get the item. Either right away and have to deal with remembering when to trade with a teammate or collecting all other materials before going after the last item(flag).

Could we possibly have a specific area where it has to be constructed? A common area for all teams to have to complete their item. Would probably make some crazy endings! My pvp experience is very limited so thinking of ways to keep the game exciting, but they might prove impossible/impractical when actually playing.

Sorry this post is all over the place. Typing on my phone and it’s a pain to go back and read over things.