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Thanks for moving this to another thread. I was reading your old post about the hunger games and applying that to MC. Had some issues with my internet and wrote my post on trusty ol’ notepad. I pasted it in hunger games for some unknown sleep deprived reason.

Just throwing out some ideas.

I think when the match starts all players have a compass. When you kill another player you will get their compass and it will overwrite your own…hope you can find your way back to your base!

The starting base does not have to be elaborate. It should probably be above ground or the games might go on forever. Maybe a chest at the start with some blocks to build the base and maybe a couple traps.

Mobs could be fun, I could see leading a creeper to the enemies base for easier access.

Not sure what the crafted items could be yet, not much expierence with what is possible.

Looking forward to hearing ideas and seeing what this can become.