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Nov 8th
– Fixed donor adding command and added logging for my sake
– You can now place zombie, creeper, and skeleton heads on the ground. (reduced the restriction to wither heads)
– Added [Leather Hat] to PhysicalShop aliases. Unfortunately they can’t retain color on shop transactions, but you can try to work around this using the redstone output and dispensers. I have some designs for this, with different drawbacks.
– Improved the structure and code of the listshops feature, mostly by breaking off some code into its own function and replacing some try/catch with if conditions. I want to reduce the regex in the future.
– Added session saving for msg conversations and tp requests when reloading aliases. So I shouldn’t interrupt players as much when testing/fixing code.
— Ike2b and I added potions; took some research to get fair costs
— Pandizziness’s added oak leaves
— Smasher added tons of bone meal, a chest full of power I bows, tons of more arrows, and an ’11’ music disc!
— Nefyoni added diamond blocks lol
– Fixed sign coloring now that they align correctly. Any command signs need to be updated, but I think I got them all.
– Removed some chest shops from the listshops cache after stupidly moving a shop area with WorldEdit (try to avoid doing this, moderators; first break the signs if you can, as this removes it from the cache)