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Nov 5-7th
– Finished up first coin rewards, coin reward shops under Event House in Final City and a weather command so far.
– Re-added donations to FAQ
– Created a script to make handling donors easier.
– Fixed bug in listshops not updating the cache for a few days; re-clicked all Final City shops
– Added pvp kits plugin that supports colored leather armor
– Added head drops for skeletons, zombies, and creepers; plugin also supports manual spawn of player heads.
– Updated my skin a bit for a thinner mask; not quite satisfied yet.
– Made Connect4 reset more reliable; sand/gravel was killing the lava below, so now it just sets it all to air.
– Removed more Halloween decorations & code
– Reworked some Frog Park signage
– Made some changes to Cluck in preparation for code
– Updated CommandHelper & WorldGuard
– Made rollercoaster a little more intuitive for players.
– Added an additional path (of hopefully many) to the rollercoaster