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Coder J

Nice list…. amazing to see it all typed out to see…

PhatLoot replacement is pretty easy; coin/material rewards could probably be done fairly simply with CH (trick is the lockout, have a couple of ideas on that….)

I stopped working on my plugin for river’s mob arena because a lot of stuff came up… well, that and I lost the whole project when my HD crashed :\. Let me iron out some issues with DispenserParking (boats are only getting parked up some of the time, sometimes they break into sticks/planks but still get parked… sometimes they just despawn with no item in dispenser).

PvP/Arena scipting is fun, now that I’ve figured out some of CH’s quirks I’m able to run a last-man-standing arena that’s fairly automated… some more tweaking and I should be able to do teams. That’s near the end of my own list (no one cares about that as much as yours ;))

CommandBook replacement for home commands (/home and /sethome) can probably be done with CH and some voodoo (failing that, small plugin and flat file)

For VPS host, I signed up for allgamers…. not that I don’t like utilizing Amazon EC2 instances but they are only cost effective for short bursts.

MCMyAdmin…. well, I didn’t install it on my dev server this go around; using cron and shell scripts for scheduled restart and backups. Played with it briefly and didn’t like the way it does permissions/plugins (most requires server restart anyway and options are relatively easy for me to find).

Town/City Centers sound pretty cool. It’s a popular concept and more than a few people on the server have made their own towns/cities… trick would be implementing it (Towny is the popular solution, but my goodness the issues it causes…..)