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Nov 10th & 11th
– Mostly boring maintenance stuff, bug research
– Recorded a redstone puzzle video, of which I’m still in the process of editing and uploading the parts.
Nov 12th
—- Re-wrote to use CH block set functions instead of WorldEdit. WorldEdit has a memory overhead (undo history) and messy looking chat text. Code is longer, but worth it.
—- Added first stage of anti-cornering code.
—- Changed the method of block breaking; if you double-click a block, it’ll break two blocks along your line of sight. Might help situations where you can’t click under someone because they’re in the way, so clicking in front of them digs underneath. Will need play-testing.
—- Fixed one long-standing bug with spawning into walls; not sure if it fixed all cases, but it was an obvious bug.
—- Reduced some of my own chat spam, even if it was region-specific.