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I will start. I am Scottyd. I am from California but now claim Utah as my home. I work as a Web Developer when I am not playing games. I have been on The Final Score Minecraft server since the begining. I with a few others helped moderate the server where needed. Eventually I took over hosting the server and moved it to a new location. I became the admin at that time. Somehow I convinced PseudoKnight to help me Admin the server and it has continued to grow and flourish. The server has been running for over a year and has been very active.

Some of the things I have built on the server. I like to do a lot of pixel art. It started in alpha. I have done many Frogpants logos and artwork. I have added somemore in Delta. Currently working on a little project dedicated to The Instance.

I also have a couple areas in each world I like to call home and do little projects around there.

If you see me in game feel free to say hi.