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I am JewmanGroup. Got the name from a racist friend when me and my band were trying to talk the local music shop into selling us our instruments a bit cheaper seeing as we were all buying one.

I have played Minecraft since Alpha. I’m ok with redstone but I just like to make anything that I find interesting.
Ive been on this server almost 3 week.s I started out building a mineshaft and base of operations. Then I built skycity.
I am currently studying for finals so you may not hear from me much till Thursday or so.

On the real world side. I’m a full time student of Computer Science. Whether it’s cause of class or because I feel like it I am always playing around with code. I have alot of experience with Android and Bukkit development, as well as java and C++. Recently I have started moding the Minecraft client because I hate falling to my death and I live and work on a SkyCity. I can use shift to toggle between crouching an not, instead of holding it down. ^_^ I also did some stuff with Full Bright but it looks ugly. I even can just press k and L to automatically /home or /spawn, so if i am falling or on fire i can just press K and teleport home in some water and survive. Makes making a SkyCity a bit easier.

This server is the best I have ever played on. The community is great and is HUGE!! I also like that I can just pop over to alpha and see creations as far as my graphics card can render (Not very far at all). The best part is being able to freely claim a reasonable plot or 10. No payment plans or anything like that.

I prefer the challenge of having to get the materials to build cool stuff rather than just using creative or too many items. It makes awesome stuff that much more awesome