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Tovardy here, from the Bay Area in California. Currently I work as QA engineer at Roku, makers of fine set top streaming boxes. I’ve been on the server since the beginning and mainly spend my time working on my holdings in Alpha with small bases in Delta and Gamma. Also I brought you the useless Tovardy’s Highway to the Hinterlands 1.0 in Alpha and 2.0 in Delta.

Aside from Minecraft I play a lot of Mass Effect, BF3, Star Trek Online, SWTOR, World of Tanks and other games. Used to play WoW as Petronius, Orc Shaman on Greymane. I stopped playing about the time I ended up winning one of the blades that ran Greymane in the server charity auction, odd how that worked out =).

I’m really excited about the two upcoming Mechwarrior games where I will surely do as poorly as I have in past Mechwarrior games but it should be lots of fun.

As far as community stuff goes, aside from this server I do join in with the Giant Bomb community from time to time when they are doing runs in Battlefield or another game I have.

I’d like to thank you all for making this server so awesome, its nice to be able to unwind here after a brain frying day of watching Commando 4 times in a row for testing.