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Coder J

CoderJ, electrician and programmer by trade. Been playing Minecraft since alpha, but only recently really got into multiplayer (for some reason, creative MP didn’t appeal to me). I haven’t built much on the server yet; a small home in delta, a larger complex in Gamma (with the outline of the hotel/tower I’m building laid down in the new area), School of Redstone, and Grand Central (tbh, I had a lot of help from PK with the School and Grand Central).

Right now, I’m in the desert slaving away on a project… or dying a lot.

When I’m not on MC, chances are I’m leveling in WoW or playing various other games (just grabbed Unstoppable Gorg from Humble Indie Bundle, been playing Tribes: Ascend, and I like to dabble into the other plethora of games I have downloaded from Steam but haven’t played… cursed winter sale…)