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Hi, my name is voyager1713. I’ll answer to voy, voyager, hey you, and get off my lawn. I’ll also answer to Colt (real name). I’m an electronics engineer and live and work in South Florida. I work at a semiconductor firm growing the base materials.

My current hobbies are 3d printers, D&D, flying my quadcopter, building a hexacopter, and legos.

I’ve been playing minecraft since Alpha and this server is the first one that I have consistently played for longer than a month. The others always seemed to succumb to greifers or massive amounts of drama.

Current projects I’m working on are the South Gamma Causeway, a labyrinth maze in Gamma, and a Saturn V rocket (wool collection takes a while).

Completed projects so far are my Island home in Gamma and the Space Shuttle pixel art.

I’m always willing to help anyone with their projects if they need it, so if you see me online, just ask.

I just want to say thanks for running such a kickass server.