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As you can tell from the helpful information to the left, I go by TriggerHappyNDB. Feel free to call me Nick if I happen to stumble into Mumble.

Admittedly, I haven’t been very active as of late, but I’d like to fix that. I started playing back in, oh, early February and was around for almost a month or so (I believe) before I lost my job as an assistant system administrator at a small software company in Boulder, Colorado. Thankfully, I am now happily employed at IBM as a server operations specialist, so I’m poised to make a comeback to the world of Minecraft. That should explain what brought me back to the FinalScoreMC website–once you’ve gotten a taste for this server, it’s hard to imagine playing anywhere else! I came across the server as many have in the past and surely will in the future: I’m a fan of Frogpants podcasts and inevitably heard about the Final Score server.

My building style is a strange mixture of grandiosity and practicality; I like to make things that have equal parts function and form. For example, I’ve planned a private portal network on the server to my various abodes in which each portal is incorporated into the design of an airship. This gives the (somewhat obvious) illusion that you are riding the airship to each destination, rather than simply teleporting. A lot more work, yes, but that’s what Minecraft is for, amirite?

I tend to be obsessive with measurements and perfection in my designs, which has lead to many frustrating moments, but also many feelings of great achievement. I was also briefly a conduit for Nefyoni’s pranks, but wouldn’t assume I’m in any way unique in that way.

My hobbies include many video games, hiking, biking, and the occasional bit of graphic artistry through PhotoShop. For example, I would happily provide the FinalScoreMC site with additional art assets if they had a specific desire (hint hint).

My thanks to the dedicated folks that make this flat world of a server of ours turn. My hat is off to your creativity and passion for the community here and I hope I can hop back on and contribute to what you’re doing soon.