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Hello everybody!

Charnizzleson here from the Bay Area in California. I am sixteen years of age and a junior in high school. I started playing Minecraft around the 1.7 days, but having very little knowledge of what was going on or what i was doing. So little knowledge in fact that when 1.8 came out i didn’t even realize I had a hunger bar. I have been playing on this server for about 2 years or so, starting off in Gamma then moving to Alpha and Delta. I have created many little things and contraptions, but I am now working on a full scale iron farm with my friend in Delta. I own a shop in Delta spawn, located on the top floor of the most recently built shop building. Ever since I first joined this server I have loved every bit of it. Everything is so nice and well-designed, and the moderators are super cool and fun to talk to. I have brought many people to this server because i love it so much, and I look forward to playing more on this server and becoming more of member of the community.

Goodbye and see you around spawn!