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Hey all,

My name is Jon (Army_of_Juan). I found this server through TriggerHappyNDB who is really good (bad?) at getting me addicted to games. I’ve only been playing mc for a couple months now and it is my new favorite time killer/time taker and I’m finding I have an odd obsession with making circles in a square world. As it stands I’m basically a support drone for my good friends Darth_Random, baronnoogie, and Trigger.

I live in Wyoming, USA with my wife Megan. I’m an industrial engineer for a company that makes decking and fencing out of wheat straw and recycled milk jugs (think giant play-doh machine at high heat). I also have classic engineering-esque personality so if I seem cold it’s just because I don’t fully understand social cues/protocols/etc… 🙂