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Hi all,

My name is Adam, and I am recruiter for a Christian camp called Haven on the Rock near Lingle, Wyoming. To find Lingle, drive as far from civilization as possible, then go three more miles. I am married to my college sweetheart Jenni, and we have neither kids nor pets. I got into Minecraft because one of my best friends (TriggerHappyNBD) showed me MC on this server. I saved up for awhile, bought the game, and jumped on the server immediately. I feel like a toddler, bumbling about on the server, but I have really appreciated the kindness and graciousness of everyone here. I am a Christian, but I’m not afraid of/angry about people who aren’t: my faith says everyone is valuable, and worthy of respect and kindness.

I have found that I am virtually shy, though not irl (probably has something to do with the toddler thing). Sorry if I seem aloof, I don’t mean it. I like you, promise. Right now, MC is one of my only games, though I am also killing things on Pandora with my friend TriggerHappy. That’s fun.


Oh, I’m also afraid of heights.