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I’ve considered it, but any expansions would probably be non-residential. The entity count in the area has reached the maximum reasonable amount for performance. Squeezing in more people would be bad. Still, I do want to use more vertical space in some way. I already have some plans, but it’s slow going until they’re solidified.

The other thought I had was expanding Final City into some satellite towns. They’d be far enough away where the performance impact would be nullified, but close enough where it might be more convenient. Negotiating the land might be challenging, though. Actually, adding some more to the platforms on the edges of the city might be reasonable too, but it’d risk impacting the style of the city.

Fortunately there are other cities to build at, and if you wanted to start your own, you can do that as well. Warps can be provided to active towns that have several residents and a market.