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Coder J

Funnily enough, my fall back HD is a Western Digital (a smallish Scorpio Black); the replacement ry I ordered is a larger and faster Scorpio Black…. I got the Seasgate Momentus XT because it was supposed to be reliable. I’m getting no where in a hurry with Seagate (“Did you try booting in IDE mode?” “Yes, it goes STOP 0x7B super fast then.” “Have you updated the firmware?” “There isn’t a newer one.” “Put a boat on your head?” “OH COME ON!”) but XoticPC might offer me a credit or something, which would be cool since I’m 2 months out of their warranty.

Installed Windows and such already, going to image this bad boy before I go back to bed ;).

The lesson here, kids, is always try to have recent backups.