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This isn’t us voting, but determining what should be on the list for voting.

Ohh, naming thing is cool. Hm, we could do obstacle courses or other mini-games in custom themed by that person. In fact, we could get their direct help with it. (attended creative mode) That’s a lot of things to create, though. Maybe it’d need a cumulative minimum.

I’m leaning towards coins too. Everything purchase-able with coins can be balanced for fairness and is still accessible to others through mini-games. (which should be fun enough to play on their own merits, btw)

I had thought about mob disguises. For example, they could choose one mob to be able to disguise as. (or maybe we should just make this accessible to everyone through time limited potions)

All that said, the thing about donations is most people here don’t need incentive to raise enough funds to cover the costs of the server, but we want some sort of thank you. So probably think of it as a bonus gift instead of an incentive or purchase.