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I agree with what coder and Ohio said. But I got a different take on the “Permission Nodes” to a small extent I think flying yes would make things easier to build things but but it would also give people a chance to really show case what they can do. Shank for an example I think could do some amazing things. And I know it could help me as well. But I would have to say that if it was put in to the game there would need to be a higher level of player over Regular. something like Trusted or Renowned. But hell I’ll give you money just to keep the sever going. Because I just like playing with you all. And I can wait to fly if I can ever prov myself worthy of admin hood but other then that ya I have to agree like I said with coder and Ohio.

There is one thing I have seen on other severs is having things named after people but Im not sure if that would work on this sever or not.