Ideas and Suggestions

Have any ideas and/or suggestions for the server? I want to hear them! We can use this space to add and manage these ideas.
So post them here ->

These are the types of things I’m looking for:

– Events (eg. tournaments or building events)
– Command aliases (eg. /msg instead of /message)
– More /help (eg. /help commands)
– Website pages
– Mini-games (things like SkyPirates, PitFrenzy, obstacle courses, sky races… )
– Other server changes (policy or technical changes)
– Etc.

Please do NOT post these:

– Questions (use the FAQ page)
– Moderator requests
– Small group projects
– Client-side mods for the server

52 comments on “Ideas and Suggestions

  1. Ike2b

    Pages on the website where villages/towns/ can post where they are, their stargate network and name, residents, rules, etc.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Fantastic idea. I’d probably have to get town representatives to register as WordPress contributors. I’ll give it some thought on how best to do it. We could always switch over to a wiki format.

      1. jaysoncopes

        Ike and I can do this relatively easily. We know each other and are both tech geeks. The more challenging would be to get EVERYONE such as littletobey and GratinCheese, TobeyTobey, and such.

          1. SirTwigs

            I don’t know how to start a suggestion but i have an idea that is start a museum where when someone kills an Ender Dragon they can put it’s egg in the museum

  2. polymo6

    I have a little idea for a cool game. A battle arena. It would be an area that players can actually damage another person. One person would challenge another person and then if they accept, each player puts one item in a chest or something and they battle. If you lose, the other person gets both items and if you win, you get both items. You are allowed to use your hand, sword, or bow and arrow. (not unlimited arrows) I just think that would be a fun little game kind of like spleef.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I’m considering PvP options, but straight up duels are rather boring without any context. I can create PvP areas on any world, but anything more than just straight up killing is a lot more complicated. The losing player loses by death, thus all their items fall to the ground. The only way around that is to save inventory, clear inventory, equip preset combat inventories, prevent dropping said inventories, restore inventory after the match is over, and then add the winnings. But then the battles are rather generic without a lot of optional equipments, which would be awful to balance.

      There’s an atmosphere to PvP that involves death that I find refreshingly absent on our server. (and I’ve enjoyed a lot of competitive games)

      Still, it’s on the table with plugins such as BattleNight and PVP Arena.

  3. jaysoncopes

    Ok, so we built the Pirate Ships for the battles. I was thinking we could do more of those types of “Themed” maps just for battles. It would be SO much fun and would attract a lot of attention to the server!

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Yes, rivergod has already started on a couple other custom games. I’m thinking of converting the “pirates” world into a custom level world. An introductory area is needed, which would work well on that world.

      1. jaysoncopes

        That would be pretty cool to recreate little battle places from your favorite video games… I know someone is doing a temple from Assassin’s Creed… Things like these (that look nice) are what attract people to the servers.

  4. MC master

    i have an idea for the final score MC server you shoud make a slime zoo so people can visit it and get killed or kill the slimes to get slime balls. : )

    1. jaysoncopes

      That is actually not a bad idea; I have trouble getting slime balls and those can be valuable for Sticky Pistons. However, there is/was a shop in FinalCity that allows you to buy them.

        1. Infuryo

          Or we can build in gamma or delta a big! Sciance center! I build one in single play yes on servivel mode took a TONE of work but lets build it undergrownd like in portal thats how big it can be! Or slightly less

  5. Redfro84

    I thought it would be cool to have an Inn of some sort in Final City. It would help new players have a temporary home before they find a good place to build. Each room would have bed and a chest. The lobby would have complementary crafting tables and maybe some basic resources. I would gladly try my hand at building it. What do ya’ll think?

  6. Infuryo

    BIG idea how about we make a temple were players have to go in and get loot! Traps and puzzles of all kinds what do guys think!?

    1. TriggerHappyNDB

      This is actually a Plugin (called Catacombs) function that I think they want to bring back at some point.

    2. jaysoncopes

      I thought you knew about the catacombs, Infuryo!? Don’t you remember the place where practically if you go in you die?!

    3. PseudoKnight Post author

      I’ll bring back Catacombs at some point. It’s been improved upon last time we had it. It was fun.

      1. Aequeo

        I’d like to see some way to craft glowstone and perhaps even nether bricks other than just the nether. Besides being a limited resource these things can be a real chore to get. I was looking for glowstone a bit ago and if I didn’t run into, “End of the world” I ran into completely mined out areas. If that is not possible perhaps this plugin could at least yield a bit more of the glowstone we all love.

        Also, i’d like a way to cut trees down in a way that makes them not so much of pain to get all the wood. This plugin looks like it could do it, and you can config it to only work with certain tools(gold axe/diamond axe) so it is not “overpowered”.

        1. valacia

          shankomatic has a great tree farm that im sure hed be happy to show you. you put in saplings and use bonemeal to grow, it then lines the trees up in neat rows and pushes them away from the leaves. what you end up with is rows of logs with no leaves that you can chop

  7. jaysoncopes

    Ok, we need to have a new page on the website that is updated with events. We need to plan server wide events such as block races, spleef tournaments, and other fun stuff as such. Maybe we could even do a Zombie Pigman hunt or something. These are the types of things people LOVE to see on a server!

    1. CynnTheRed

      I agree 100%
      The community is fantastic, and I like doing things with others on the server, but nothing really gives you a feeling of participating in the community like things to do with other people! Regardless of whether those be projects or events. A central place for people to keep up with / plan / sign up for those types of things would be a great resource for bringing attention to the quality which makes this server special: all of the great people on it!

    2. Rivergod

      Yeah we definitely need some sort of scheduled events, I know Nefyoni has been scheduling Skyblock races but i think we also need more scheduled events like Skypirates, PvP, and others.

    3. PseudoKnight Post author

      An event calendar on the website is planned. In the mean time you can check the events hut in Final City for events Nefyoni is planning.

  8. Infuryo

    Another idea i have is that we could have sort of like skypirates but insted with space ships same thing but with space ships like it?

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      I chose pirates because it fit with cannons. What hook would fit with space ships? Lightning?

  9. Aequeo

    I had an idea for when new Minecraft updates are released, a “server” that is reset with each major update. One that can be reset without the worries of destroying anyone buildings or art, and can be used for resources for the main worlds or just to explore/dungeon. As of now exploring dungeoning in Alpha is impossible, and digging to find things would likely lead to you running into other players stuff. Delta is also slowly becoming, “claimed”, Although gamma is new, it would not take many updates for the world to become just as big as the previous two if they add more biomes, raising server cost and stress

    Just an idea I wanted to throw out.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      A second server or a temporary world?
      There’s actually a lot more space than you think in the worlds. I’m also probably going to expand Gamma for MC 1.2.

  10. Majicwon

    It would be cool to make a team-based “laser tag/paintball” arena using bows & arrows. We could design it so each side is a mirror image, include lots of traps, hidey holes, and sniper locations. Game possibilities good be like “guard the creeper”, capture the dragon egg, and the good ‘ol team deathmatch.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      A bow-only pvp arena could be cool. I was thinking about something similar a couple days ago. I’m not sure why you first thought was ‘laser tag’ or ‘paintball’ when many FPS games are basically just that. We have to figure out a hook to make it interesting, though. Just shooting each other can get boring and repetitive.

      1. Majicwon

        I guess my thought about “paintball/laser tag” was how the environment is setup, i.e., lots of random obstacles and dark corners, it’s not a street or “bases” to run around.

        As for a hook…heal yourself with special food item only given in arena, can trade them on same team…earn more powerful attacks the more people you “kill”…we could come up with a lot of ideas.

  11. Rivergod

    Regarding some talk we had in chat today, (and some past topics) about non-renewable resources in Minecraft vannila I think some resources should be made renewable through plugins.

    Some examples I have thought about are Glowstone and Netherbrick since they are in Nether and the nether is 1/8 smaller than the overworld so they are limited to small amounts due to size constants.

    In the next bit ill suggest some ways that they might be made renewable (or as close too)

    Block – Netherbrick :
    How to obtain – 9 peices of Netherrack in a Craftingtable to get 1 Netherbrick
    Reasons to implement – 1. Although there is a decent amount of Netherbrick,
    – it would not be the best thing to strip other – structures in the nether for it.

    – 2. This would give a use to Netherrack other than – decorative or for holding a flame.

    Block – Glowstone
    How to obtain – Mining Netherrack will give 4% chance of 1-2 Glowstone Dust
    Reasons to implement – 1. This gives a use to Netherrack.

    – 2. Allows a way to obtain similarly to gravel/flint
    – (other than mining the natural blocks)

    (Notes) This would have to be balanced so it does not replace “natural” Glowstone gathering but is rather a alternative if one could not find anymore.

    This is just a rough suggestion, I’m sure there are also other non-renewable blocks/items I’m not thinking of. If you have any more to add post a response including Block, New method of obtaining it, and Reasoning (also notes if wanted).

    Make sure you give some thought to the suggestion first, and make sure it is non-renewable or non-renewable for our standards, blocks or items that can be grown, formed, crafted, and/or obtained with relative/moderate ease are not ones to suggest (I think). Also keep them vanilla so none from creative or spawning in unless you feel there is a very strong reasoning behind it.


  12. Rivergod

    Suggestion: maybe to increase server performance we could merge some worlds? i know merging overworlds like Alpha, Delta, and Gamma are almost out of the question but having just ONE nether for all 3 worlds (the same as the end) or make it so ONLY delta has a nether and ONLY gamma has the end.

    To put that in a more visual form.

    ———————OverWorld——–Nether——–The End—-
    | Alpha | Yes | No | No |
    | Delta | Yes | Yes | No |
    | Gamma | Yes | No | Yes |

    This would make more travel across the worlds and and make it co-joined

    The only major problem i see is getting moving structures that people have made into one nether efficiently.

    And to any who oppose this idea, It is just a suggestion. Also if this is not supported or cannot be done because the server is fine performance wise, or it would be too much of a hassle, why cant we have more portals to The End?

      1. CoderJ

        Eh, I use it occasionally if I want to check out a section of land that no one has a home near (since live map gives coordinates, it’s relatively simple to find the matching ones in the nether) but honestly, I think stargates, /home, /spawn, and /warp have filled the void where most people would of used Nether portals to go from place to place.

      2. Rivergod

        i only use the closest one in gamma and the closest on to spawn in delta, also replacing nether portals with stargates might be a good idea, considering we have more
        control on where we come out.

  13. Majicwon

    Ok, this would be an XP grind/arena/gladiator situation. The idea would be you go into a set location where mobs spawn (hopefully we could have a spectator section). This individual or group (2-3) would face waves of mobs that spawn at ever increasing speeds and numbers. Every five levels an xp “safety net” would be awarded in the event of player death that amount of xp would be given, however all mob xp would be lost as well as items, and they would have to start over with a new game from lvl one. For example, if players reach level 5 and die, 50xp is rewarded, but if they die at level 9, they still get the 50. If, however, they reach level 10 their new safety net would be 100 xp (or whatever is decided). At any level the player(s) can bow out, keeping the earned xp. Reaching some max level would reward a very large sum of xp and the game would terminate.
    Allowed items would be all weapons/armor/potions, supplied by the player. All items lost due to death are permanently destroyed, adding to the ante.
    All teleportation commands are disabled inside the arena (which would need obstacles).

    I don’t know if this is possible, but imagine so based on Spleef. Your comments are welcome!

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