Moderator Reference


This has the power to change the landscape and/or make selections using WorldEdit commands. It\’s a powerful, and thus potentially dangerous tool. Caution is recommended when using it. It\’s HIGHLY recommended that you install the Worldedit Client-side Interface so that you can see your selections.


We define regions so that we can change behavior in those areas. Usually this means giving a player ownership of that region so that only they can build, destroy and access chests there. Once a region is created, the owner and/or moderator can set \’flags\’ for that region as well as add/remove members.


This logs all block \”creates\”/\”destroys\” as well as sign text and chestaccess. This can be a little complicated to use, but a simple use is just left-clicking or right-clicking with bedrock to see the log for that coordinate. For lookups, you use /lb followed by parameters. (eg. /lb player PseudoKnight area 32; looks for changes PseudoKnight made in a 32 radius around you) (eg. /lb player PseudoKnight world \”world3\” chestaccess; looks for chest content changes for PseudoKnight in world3, which is delta, which might be helpful if you\’re not in that world)

Custom Commands

These are our server-specific commands scripted in CommandHelper.

General Commands

Command Description
/mute <player> Mutes a player in global chat temporarily for all players.
/unmute <player> Unmutes the player.
/approve <player> Add people to whitelist or if no player it will list all approvals.
/setmotd [message] Sets the message of the day. Supports color codes (eg. &a)
/goto <player> Teleports to the player.
/gm [0/1/2] [player] Changes game mode. If no arguments, it toggles between creative and survival. 0 = Survival, 1 = Creative, 2 = Adventure (I think). Player argument optional if you want to set someone else\’s game mode.
/fly [player] [0/1] Changes flight mode off or on. If no parameters it will toggle flight mode for you.
/sign <linenumber> <text> Sets the text for that line on the sign you\’re looking at. Supports color codes (eg. &1) Note that other sign block spaces can occlude where you\’re looking, so be careful.
/time <0-24000> Sets the time immediately. (day is ~1000, night is ~13000)

CommandBlock Commands

Command Description
/effect <player> <effect> [strength] [secs] Sets the potion effect on that player. Strength defaults to 1 (technically 2 because of a programming offset) and seconds defaults to 30. Potion effect names are my best guess aliases. This is for testing and arena configuration purposes.
/velocity <player> <x> <y> <z> Sets the player\’s velocity using xyz vectors. (eg. 0 1 0 will send the player upwards, or positive y) This is for testing and arena configuration purposes.
/tp <player> <x> <y> <z> Teleports the player to that location.

Arena Testing/Configuration Commands

Command Description
/enchant <enchantment> <level> Enchants the current slot with the given enchantment and level. (level is an integer) This is for testing purposes and arena configuration.
/unenchant Removes the enchantments for the item in the current slot.
/display <name> Sets a display name for the item in the current slot. Supports color codes. (eg. &a)
/dye <red> <green> <blue> Dyes leather armor in the specified slot to the color values. (each value is 0-255) This is for testing purposes and arena configuration.

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