Arena Configuration

This is the extended reference for advanced builders who want to make a PVP arena.

I’m using a command structure that looks something like this:
/pvp action arena-id setting values
/arena set snowdown region icepvp
This sets the arena snowdown’s combat region to “icepvp”.

Available Sub-Commands

Actions / Sub-commands Description
SET Add or change a setting for an arena. If you run this on an arena ID that doesn’t exist, it will create one.
LOAD (Kits and chestspawns only) Loads the current setting in the same way you added it.
DELETE Deletes an arena, or a setting if given.
INFO By itself it will list all arenas. If you give an arena ID it will show a short list of settings. You can then type a hidden setting to see the raw values of that setting.
LIST List all arenas

The settings you use dynamically determine the type of match you’re going to get.

Available Settings

Setting Values Defaults Description
LOBBY REQUIRED Sets your current location as the exit spawn point when a player is eliminated.
SPAWN Team# REQUIRED Adds your current location as a spawn point for the arena. Players spawn in the order of the creation of these spawns. If it’s a team game, you must set one more spawns for both teams by using the team number value at the end of the command.
REGION wgRegion REQUIRED The combat worldguard region name. (don’t forget to set the flag pvp allow in that region)
BROADCAST wgRegion CombatRegion The region all messages are broadcasted. It’ll use the previous region if this isn’t set.
MODE modeType dm The game mode for this arena. It accepts DM (deathmatch), TDM (team deathmatch), CTF (capture the flag), and KOTH (king of the hill).
CTFFLAG Team# Sets the flag spawn location to your current position for the team specified.
KOTHREGION wgRegion The WorldGuard region in which players get points for standing in. It counts the feet position as the player’s location.
LIVES # Beds Number of lives a player has until they are eliminated from the match. If it isn’t set, they’re eliminated if they don’t respawn within the arena.
SCORE # 5 The target score for a team/player to win in certain game modes. (CTF: flag captures)
TEAMRATIO # # Two numbers that indicate the ratio of players for team 1 and team 2.
TEAM &4Team1 &cTeam2 Team1 The name and color for teams. The chat color should be a valid color number: [0-9a-f].
KIT Team# EmptyInv Sets your current inventory as the respawn kit for all players. If it’s a team game, use the team number as the last value in the command.
CLASSES List [List2] A comma-delimited list of available classes. If two lists are specified, it corresponds to each team.
CAPTAIN className className The class name for each captain on the respective teams. (hats should be different!)
RESTORE Schematic Space separated list of schematic names to paste at the end of a match.
TIME 0-24000 What time the world is set to when the match starts.
FF true|false True If false, it sets damage amounts to zero when a player hits another player on the same team. If it’s not a team game, players cannot hurt each other, but can still push each other around.
ITEMSPAWN IntervalSecs SpawnOnStart 60 False Sets current slot item to spawn at your current location at the specified interval in seconds. Second value determines if it spawns on match start.
CHESTSPAWN IntervalSecs SpawnOnStart 60 False After creating a chest with custom items in it, look at the chest and change this setting. The chest will be automatically lootable in the match. It will also respawn after the given cooldown period in seconds. Second value determines if the chest spawns on match start.
MOBSPAWN Type # IntervalSecs SpawnOnStart This spawns the mob or custom mob type at intervals specified at the location you’re standing.
MOBPROTECT Team# Type Spawns a mob or custom mob type at the location you’re standing at the start of the match. If that mob dies, the specified team loses.
RSOUTPUT Place a lever on top of a block and look at it while running this command. It will then switch on when the match starts, and switch off when the match ends.
RSOUTPUTSCORE Team# A redstone torch on top of a block that appears when a team scores.
MIN # 2 The minimum number of players before the start command will successfully start the match.
MAX # TotalOnlinePlayers If set, the match will start as soon as this number of players join.
EFFECT all|team# effectName strength# seconds# Adds a starting effect for either team or ‘all’ depending on which is specified. Applies at match start and respawn. You can add as many of these as you want.
DENYDROP itemID,[…] or all One or more comma separated item IDs. (no spaces) These items will not be dropped by players when they die. This accepts “all” as an input to prevent any drops.
FLAGS ID,[…] A comma separated list of special flags. The special flags currently available as of writing this are: endernades, skullrockets, stackedpickup, pistoltears, primedtnt, shotgunballs, noinventory, debug.

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