November 21, 2011

Bukkit for Minecraft 1.0 is in testing right now. As soon as a Recommended Build (RB) comes out, I’ll bring everything back to normal. I hope you’re enjoying the temporary world in the mean time. I know I’ve had a few adventures and it’s been a blast figuring out enchantments and potions.

2 comments on “An Update

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Theoretically all plugins should work. Craftbukkit does the heavy lifting. There will be some changes here or there that break plugins, though. It’s uncommon, but I imagine a few plugins will need updates to work out the bugs. If one of our dependent plugins needs an update (eg. worldguard, multiverse, permissionsbukkit) then we might have to wait longer. Many other plugins will need to be updated to support new items/blocks/features, but they won’t keep the plugin from working on those things it already supports.

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