Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How can I build stuff?

Anyone can play games in Frog Park, but to build things in survival you have to be added to a list. Make a direct request to a moderator. Someone on console may also see it and respond. In addition, trusted players (regulars) on the server have the ability to approve friends and family to the whitelist. They can choose to use the /approve <playername> command.

Where is it okay to build?

All survival worlds have plenty of space to build if you walk far enough out. It usually starts opening up around 200 meters from spawn. You can check the live map if you wish to find a place quicker. Typically you’ll be able to start building in a vacant area and place a sign. However, it’s courteous to maintain a fair distance from another player. If you build at the edge of view distance of any other structure, you’re guaranteed to be okay. A closer proximity isn’t bad, though, especially the closer you are to city centers.

Can I get a plot in the DEV world?

Yes! The Southeast quadrant of the world is designated for player created plots. (self-serve regions) Here you can make a selection and “/rg claim” your region.

What are the SERVER RULES?

Do NOT break or take anything belonging to another player, unless otherwise specified.
Do NOT harass, spam, or swear in chat.
Do NOT actively use mods for the purpose of cheating.

I got BANNED/BLOCKED. What do I do now?!

Don’t Panic! Most likely we had to block you temporarily to prevent further damage to the world or server, but almost all appeals succeed. Either you (or your parent/guardian) can get in contact with PseudoKnight on Steam, Discord, Twitter or even this website if you must. If I have reason to believe you won’t continue the damaging behavior, it’s likely you’ll be unblocked after we talk. Repeat incidents or other damaging patterns may result in a permanent ban. Keep in mind that unless the ban obviously needs to be undone immediately, it may take some time to look at the damage and otherwise process the request. Do NOT appeal for your friend.

How many players are on the server?

As of March 24th, 2015 we have had over 1837 players on the whitelist. Over 2872 unique players have visited the server. 100s of unique players visit the server every week, dozens every day. We intentionally don’t advertise outside of the FrogPants sphere, so it’s a modest and tighter knit community.

How do I avoid escalating conflicts in-game?

For one, give people their space. This is very important to be on good terms with people. Invading people’s space is rude and generally invites confrontation if persistent (especially when persistent! learn how to drop things). I’m sure you’ve experienced situations in life where you wanted your space. If you have a tenuous relationship with a player on the server, you should be extra respectful of that individual’s space. Secondly, players who know each other well sometimes tease each other. This is mostly fine, but it can be a misleading example. It is often not okay to tease others that you do not know enough to know they’d be okay with it. If you’re unsure, just avoid saying it or modify how you’re saying it to be better interpreted. Do NOT tease people who you are on tenuous terms with. Lastly, don’t try and bypass moderation. It’s there for a reason.


35 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      If there is an agreement/understanding between the players involved, then yes. You’re not allowed to prank random players. That would be considered griefing. On a similar note, traps are allowed in your home if you do a reasonable effort to warn players that traps are inside.

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      This is a part of the outworld experience. You have to rely on your ability to navigate terrain or using coordinates. (F3)

      However, there’s jungle saplings in parts of Gamma and Omega.

  1. gothem8

    If I want to donate sometime soon, where would I do that? This may be a little personal but I’m positive this server is not having any problems or is going to change radically as this may result in losing money.

      1. PseudoKnight Post author

        There’s currently a per-world limit of 3 (so you can have 3 on omega, 3 on delta, etc), but that’s raised later. [edit] This has since been raised to 10 regions per world. 🙂

          1. PseudoKnight Post author

            If you randomly start mining things, it sounds like you have a broken input device. (mouse or touchpad)

    1. PseudoKnight Post author

      Stop dying.

      You may or may not be referring to a respawn location bug I fixed a while ago. When reporting issues, I recommend giving specific details so that I can better respond. In this case, people failed to notify me of a specific detail of the respawn bug: they were respawning 1 block higher each time. I would have caught onto the source of the issue much faster had I known this.

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