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Thank you for the donations DigDugCraft and Jcalby
We ran out of glass yesterday, and we needed food and soon we will need wool. So i have spent today making glass and digging a small resource area with sheep and and a melon farm. Work on the city will resume soon. There will be no work over the weekend as Zodacus and BushBaby are going to a conference this weekend, and I will be spending the weekend on vacation. Thanks to recent donations we are good on cobble and wood for the foreseeable future. We can always use glass, and soon we will need general building materials. Stairs, every color wool, dirt ect..

BUT ABOVE ALL, we need alot of glowstone. We are going to use it to light the bridges. Whatever you can give us is helpful.

DigDugcraft I have added you as a member of the city. Please place a sign on any unreserved plot to claim your home.