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Some thoughts on web development…

I don’t do this nearly enough anymore. I think I got stuck on css structure. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to organize this. Theoretically you’d split things up into files, but that’s horrible for load speed. Maybe I should investigate having a source version and a “compiled” version.

I also notice that some developers split up styles into different sections based on style or structure. This bothers the hell out of me when I go to edit things. It makes for a much more bloated file, too. I tend to put tags first, then I put ids and classes in order of first appearance. That way I always have a general idea of how far I have to scroll to get to the applicable section, and there’s rarely duplicated identifiers that will cause confusing behavior. It still feels horribly clunky, though.

I’ve also always struggled with CMS vs MVC vs scratch. I like doing most things in scratch because it gives me a lot of freedom. However, I hate doing specific things that CMS are great at, like user authentication. I end up jumping between all three of these between projects and never feel satisfied. With FSMC I just dropped WordPress on the server with some integrated plugins and moved on with my life, as I got tired with struggling with those decisions.