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So, it’s deathmatch, with the difference being the large sandbox battlefield and random item drops in the center?

I’ve thought a lot about having a survival deathmatch thing. It was really fun to watch in the Ultra Hardcore series by Mindcrack guys. But it’s far too easy to cheat your way through it, and it takes way too long to play to have meaningful victories. Everyone needs to be there from the beginning to end and certain tactics have to be against the rules to force people to play fair. But honestly, it’s way too easy without an audience to call you out on it. These are boring things like hiding in a dark hole until everyone else is dead.

The random item drops would be a death trap. Most people would die if they tried for it. I thought about having it be the only place you can get health, but it’d still be a death trap and wouldn’t prevent the hidey-hole strategy. Even if you had it be the only place for food, it’d still be a worse strategy than hiding. And if you made hunger more aggressive, then you might not as well have the whole large battlefield.

It’s doable, but it’s flawed. That happens a lot when people base gameplay on a fictional dramatic narrative. Unless people play along with the theme, it can be pretty boring and broken.