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I’ve watched the movie now. (spoilers) Pretty much what I had expected, though with more “fancy” makeup and artificiality in the setting. :p Why are people trying to emulate a sadistic dystopian event again? I mean, we do that all the time in gaming, I suppose… but did people really come away from that movie (or book) and think “man, I wish I was a tribute and got stabbed in my sleep” or even worse “it’d be so much fun to mess with people in life or death situations and bet on their survival”. heh.

I’m still thinking about survival modes, but just not themed under the “Hunger Games” intellectual property. Wouldn’t it be missing the message of the movie, if any?

PS. Anybody notice that their stated percentage of people that die due to natural causes turned out to be way off? Just in the first few minutes and most people were dead due to fighting. I guess watching someone starve to death isn’t entertaining.