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I want to avoid having multiple servers, if we can. The event was imperfect, but there are a few reasons why I did it the way I did it.

– The plugin I used — popular one for this particular type of event — doesn’t support multi-world settings. I plan to use others if we ever do this again in the future.

– It’s less meaningful if we don’t do it altogether, similar to when we started Delta and Gamma. It really brought the community together and recharged people’s interest in MC. Hardcore mode somewhat diminished this during the April 1st event.

– Another server for infrequent events means we’d be paying 100% of the bill for ~5% of the use, and we’d be splitting the community more if we attempted to use the server 100% of the time.

I learned from the event, and I’ll talk to people more about future similar events. I want future ones to be singular days, but optional and with a better fallback to our normal worlds (or alternatively a ghost mode where people can watch if they wanted, possibly waiting to be resurrected). If it’s cooperative, we need an objective. It was half way through the Apr 1st event when I realized we needed to take down the dragon to conclude it (because we stabilized with full armor and tons of health potions). If that’s more clear early on, we can plan ahead, and maybe even do it proper this time by getting the ender eyes.

Any other thoughts?

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  • This reply was modified 11 years, 10 months ago by PseudoKnight.