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– Allow for players to enter and exit the game at any time.
I think this is a must as the server does not have a base of players who play for hours at a time.

– Keep games from becoming stalemates.
Do you mean where everyone is just grinding stuff out and getting supplies?

– Prevent monotonous grinding/mining.
this is what I thought you meant by stalemates, I think so long as the rule is caving it might be entertaining because I really enjoy exploring the world

– Cheats (intentional or not)
why not have players, who don’t want to do the long haul, be gift givers? for example player 1 who isn’t in the UHC can be a potion dispenser and we have to find them and they give us a sword or a potion? this way everyone can participate even if they don’t stay for the entire thing?

With that in mind, here are some things I’d have to do to make this work:
– Create separate inventory world, preferably with visible border.
I am not very good with MC Jargon but I’m assuming this would be like outworld?

– Random join locations.
this could be cool, but I really like the idea of the endgame being to kill the enderdragon and perhaps if we only have 4-5 people who are going to play we all start out spread apart and have to join up and kill the dragon.

– 3-5 minute mob immunity with a notice for when it starts and when it’s about to end. Maybe just invisibility for start instead? This is needed just in case people join in the middle of the night surrounded by mobs.
I like this idea, as it allows anyone to hop in for a few mins and help the core group without feeling overwhelmed
(is there a way to allow players to tp to the core group but have the core group of players not be allowed to tp? again im not sure about coding

– Health regen turned off.
easy enough it is UHC after all

– Regen potions disabled.
why are potions disabled? I have never seen them in UHC but i don’t know all the rules I just watch DocM and BDoubleO

– Leaving penalty? Maybe if you rejoin it gives you weakness or something, equivalent to how long you left for? I don’t really want it to affect balance, but it still needs to be fair.
Why not have it that if you log off for more than 30 mins you lose your inventory and need to start from scratch? this way people can go to the store or the bathroom but still be able to continue playing, but they can’t go to work or out for a while and come back.

– Scoreboard health
is that what you see when you hit the tab key and it shows health?

– etc. (Things I haven’t thought of right now)
I didn’t know how much work was required to make this kind of thing possible. I am excited to see it happen, and if UHC doesn’t work maybe some other mindcrack variant game just to have a server fun and create some bonding as there are so many people I still don’t know and because i play sporadically the people i do know seem to not be playing anymore (Corndogsunite, Mr_Quigglz, TriggerHappyNDB, among others)