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Heh. Ya, he can be pretty arrogant. Did you know he visited the site once?

I suppose I’ll just run a script every 5-10 mins that turns /save-on, waits 5 secs, /save-all, waits 5 sec and /save-off? Not sure what would be ideal, that’s why I was asking. It could be that just running them one right after each other would work fine. I don’t even think I need to run save-all with save-on, but it’s all so unclear.

I wonder if NoLagg saving feature would help. It saves regularly into a cache and then periodically saves that to the files on another thread… or something.

Global auto-saver

Since asynchronous chunk saving is now implemented internally, it is no longer a problem to save entire worlds frequently. You can set auto-save intervals in the configuration. If used with an interval higher than 400 ticks (20 seconds) it will use a scheduled task instead of the internal saver to prevent chunks never getting saved. Another benefit is that player information is also auto-saved, preventing your players losing their inventory state.

It also adds a new interval: a world save WRITE interval. Writing is now buffered internally, but when the server crashes all this data would be gone. The saving component will ensure that world data is updated every other time. This can help prevent you losing a lot of progress in your world.