Custom Features

This is a non-exhaustive list of features I’ve added to the server. It may be out of date.


Player Heads

Zombie Head -> Skeleton Skull
Skeleton Skull + surrounded by Clay -> Human Head
Name Human Head in Anvil -> Player Head

Item Lore

Written Book + Enchanted Book -> Enchanted Lore Book
Any Item + Enchanted Lore Book -> Any Item with Lore

Exp Bottles

Bottles -> Exp Bottles (subtracts experience from the player)


– Right-click components while sneaking with open hand, then move around to adjust it
– Right-click ArmorStand with 2 sticks to add arms
– Attack ArmorStand to remove arms and baseplate
– Can right-click left-arm and head to place any item
– Right-click ArmorStand with lead to move it to a new location
– (Creative) Right-click ArmorStand with spider-eye to make the stand invisible
– (Creative) Right-click ArmorStand with feather to make the stand ignore gravity
– (Creative) Right-click ArmorStand with another ArmorStand to make the stand small
– ArmorStands are protected by regions
– Dispensers can place ArmorStands

Horse Features

– Horse protected against damage except when ridden, and always against other players
– When right-clicked, the horses stats are displayed as well as the owner’s name if you do not own the horse
– Undead horses can be fed rotten flesh
– Horses can be transferred to another owner via the “/transfer horse PlayerName” command.
– All your horses can be shared with particular players via the “/share horses PlayerName” command. (Also, /unshare)


– New sound: ORB_PICKUP when on ICE or PACKED_ICE blocks
– New sound: ANVIL_LAND when on ANVIL block
– New sound: NOTE_PLING when HARDENED_CLAY and STAINED_CLAY blocks
– If powered by redstone, note blocks will be heard up to 9 chunks away (144 meters)

Other Features

– Right-clicking paintings cycles the painting
– Death coordinates are displayed upon death (as well as an AFK kicker when on the death screen)
– When minecarts collide with unpowered dispensers, they get added to the dispenser inventory
– Beds will always set your bed location, make the sun rise, and halt precipitation regardless of other players in the world
– Breeding can fail if too many entities are in the area (currently 300 within 64 radius)
– Chickens will not spawn from eggs if there are too many entities in the area (currently 200 within 8 radius)
– Leads can be used on villagers (except dimwits/green villagers)
– Creepers do not do block damage above sea level (y > 62) with the exception of the outworlds
– Spawn eggs will spawn persistent mobs
– Enderpearls do not break item frames
– Reliable Elytra launching from punch bows and fireworks
– Multi-world player inventory and status manager keeps survival separate from creative and minigames
– Multiplayer server listing and tab list indicate current Frog Park activities