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Market Basics & Chest Shops

Video Guide

Written Guide

Each chest shop sign has four lines on it.

  • Line 1: The item that can be bought or sold to/from the chest shop. The name or number value may or may not be what you’re familiar with as the name of that item. When left-clicking the sign, it’ll possibly show you an alternative name for that item.
  • Line 2: How many items you can buy from the shop for how much currency. (g = gold ingots, i = iron ingots, d = diamonds) (eg. Buy 16 for 1g)
  • Line 3: How many items you can sell to the shop for how much currency. (eg. Sell 8 for 2d)
  • Line 4: The owner of the chest shop.

How to use a chest shop

To buy from a shop, simply right-click the shop sign (not the chest) with the currency, indicated at the end of line 2, in your hand. To sell to a shop, right-click the shop sign with the item(s) in your hand.
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